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August 24, 2007

Away on Vacation

Posted in: Updates

I’ll be away on vacation for a week starting today so chances are there would be fewer updates while I’m gone. There are a couple of posts sitting in my drafts that I should be able to complete whenever I can hijack Dyna’s laptop, so they would most likely be up in a few days. Also, chances are there won’t be any weekly reviews this week.

But fret not, like I said, the blog won’t be dead the whole week. I have some content which I just need to do some final editing and they would appear while I’m gone. In the mean time, you could check out my articles page to check out my top posts during the past few months or head over to my archives and browse through some interesting posts which you might have missed before.

If you’re lazy to browse, here are some that might grab your interest:

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