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July 17, 2007

7 Reasons Why Gundam Seed Destiny Sucked

Posted in: Gundam,Thoughts

Before I get flamed, I need to state that I am a fan of Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny. I actually started watching a few episodes of Destiny first before I went and watch Seed. However, after completing both Seed and Destiny, there are just some parts where I wished Fukuda had done more work with in Destiny. With this in mind, let’s begin:

Gundam Seed Destiny - Kira vs Shinn

  1. Shinn sucked. Even before I watched Seed, I already liked Athrun better than Shinn. Maybe it’s just his childish and arrogant attitude towards Athrun and Cagalli at the start, but I never really did like him. Granted, he has his good points and is an excellent pilot, but he just doesn’t have that likable personality to me. Him jumping onto Lunamaria the moment he gets the chance after the death of Stellar kinda pissed me off. Maybe he just wanted someone to treasure and support, but the way he did it came across me as a “it doesn’t have to be Luna, just anyone would do really…” thought. I must admit though, I thought he was kinda cool during the first couple of episodes, even if he didn’t do such a great job.
  1. Not drastic enough. Seriously, with a few exceptions, most of the time all the forces have it easy. There isn’t really that much sense of urgency compared to Seed. I can only remember 2 instances at the top of my head right now: the fall of Junius 7 and Kira’s race to Eternal. There’s probably a few more, but it just doesn’t feel as desperate, and desperation is always a good way to get characters moving.
  1. Little character development. Shinn had been a brat from the beginning until the very end. Lunamaria never does anything important correctly. Rey is always the same. Dullindal almost always wears the same expression. Athrun and Cagalli had been “rendered useless” for most parts of Destiny. Kira pwns all the way, save that one battle against Impulse. Mia had pretty decent development though :) Rey also had the potential to develop into a very interesting character with his past relation to Kruuze/Rau Le Creuset.
  1. Too predictable. Tell me you’ve watched Seed and didn’t see Neo/Fllaga doing his “Strike” thing with Akatsuki in the final battle and I’ll bang my head on the wall. While that is the most obvious, there are also many other instances of being able to predict plots fairly easily.
  1. Too rushed. This is especially noticeable towards the ending. The last episode had the 3 ship alliance totally owning ZAFT forces. Luckily, Final Plus rectified this… slightly. Still, it’s much better than the original last episode that was aired :)
  1. Yzak and Dearka. Their role could have, and should have been much bigger other than the few random appearances and in the final battle. It would also be nice if they were piloting mobile suits that were closer to their old units; Duel and Buster. Both suits were still functional at the end of the first war, and although Goufs had better functionality, ZAFT could have easily upgraded the 2 units as well.
  1. 3 Ship Alliance. Other than Archangel and Eternal, there were very little about the alliance. Even the Kusanagi was pretty much forgotten although it is one of the main ships of the alliance. Pretty disappointed that Kusanagi’s role was smaller in the final battle of Destiny.

Gundam Seed Destiny - Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice

Despite my rambling above, I truly did enjoy Gundam Seed Destiny and hopes that the C.E. storyline would continue. I’m putting high hopes in the C.E. based movie and even more possible continuations after that. Just hope Fukuda doesn’t screw it up.

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