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March 20, 2009

Naga the White Serpent Armor?

Posted in: Slayers

I finally managed to watch Slayers Evolution-R yesterday and about halfway through the first episode, Lina and co. met up with a singing armor. And the moment the armor started to laugh, it made me sit up straight in excitement.

It was pretty unmistakenable, only one person would laugh like that in the Slayers universe (and I only know one other who has a similar laugh from another series), that annoying “Ohohoho~” could only mean one thing – Naga the White Serpent has finally made an appearance in a Slayers series!

Or so I thought.

I mean, just compare the two images below!

Nama, Living Armor

Naga the White Serpent

I wish I could capture the laughter and put it up here as well…

That annoying living armor has definitely got to be Naga. She even managed to trigger Lina’s reflexes to hate her with a passion, especially that laugh and pose. There were other blatant clues as well, such as the glove and her silhouette during her brief memory flashback, her ice magic, her curious attraction to coins and she knew how to use the Pacifist Crush, a move unique to the Saillune royal family.

It was really a let down that we never did get to see Naga in her full boobs glory, since they only showed a laughing box after “Nama” was released from the armor back to her original body. Which makes me wonder, would she remember her encounter as Nama the armor?

It’s also sad that Amelia did not recognize her own sister. For those who still doesn’t know, Naga is Amelia’s eldest sister. But apparently, both are oblivious to the other’s existence and Amelia didn’t even question how Nama could do the Pacifist Crush. At least that’s what it seems like…

There are still a few episodes left in Evolution-R, but I really doubt that Naga will make a full appearance or even mentioned anymore. Naga was one of the more interesting characters in Slayers and probably the greatest expert in the arts of annoying Lina.

I want Naga back :(

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