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August 13, 2008

Naruto Shippuuden 68 – 69

Posted in: Naruto

Time of Awakening / Despair


Rating: 8.0/10


Naruto Shippuuden screenshot


Sora is informed that his existence is similar to Naruto which is to bring destruction to the world. Sora is apparently a residual effect of Kyuubi. Speakingof Naruto, he finally beats the multi elemental witch. Apparently her looks is fake. All that matters to her is her hair. Once Naruto knows about her weakness, she is toast. Despite of all her beauty, she only has he hair.


Naruto Shippuuden screenshot

Asuma, on the other hand, manages to catch up with Kitane after he has destroyed the electric barrier. It is not difficult for Asuma to defeat him. Just one stab and he is dead. Because of that, the other three individuals needed to create Limelight is useless so they too turn into dust.

Because of the Limelight plan fail and his comrades defeated, the leader decides to use Sora as his backup plan. He will release the inner monster in Sora. To make matter worse, Sora let the pseudo Kyuubi controls him.


Naruto Shippuuden screenshot

More kissing scenes from Naruto! 😯

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