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July 24, 2008

Long Live the Emperor!

Posted in: Code Geass

C.C. & Charles dance

I’m so curious now… Did Charles did this with V.V. as well?

I’ve always thought that Lelouch wanted to find the truth behind his mother’s murder, but when the chance came, he used it to have Charles shoot himself. Not only was that rash, it didn’t work very well. On the other hand, if he had gotten Charles to spill the truth, at least he would have known what really happened. No, he wasted it on the now immortal Charles.

And I was right! Charles did screw V.V. Sure it might seem like he wanted death, but he sure didn’t look all that happy about it in the end.

Geass Mirrored

Geass = Laser that can bounce off reflective surfaces.

When Charles was under the influence of Geass and shot himself, I knew that it was too easy to be true. But for one short moment, maybe about 3 seconds, I thought that it might actually be true. I mean, this is Sunrise and Code Geass we’re talking about. If they can screw it up, they probably will. If they don’t, they’ll screw up somewhere even more. They did, but with C.C. instead.

While it would be extremely bad for Lelouch and the Black Knights with C.C. in her… vulnerable state, personally I would probably prefer to have this version of C.C. 😀

Charles Hands

“Talk to the hand. Come on, you know you want to!”

Villetta’s jumping off the cliff to shield Ohgi confirms that she’s not as cold-hearted as she would like others to think.

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