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June 24, 2008


Posted in: Code Geass

Zero finally redeemed himself and apparently had Rakshata built him a Knightmare Frame he could actually pilot by making it run on a *cough*KiraYamato*cough* keyboard. It also seems that he had planned this all along even from before he made away with Tianzi. I wonder if he had planned his failure to Xingke as well. And Malaysia and Singapore appears to be part of the Chinese Federation too. That makes Tianzi our Empress! O.O

A few weeks ago, we had the upgraded Guren fighting on par with Tristan and Mordred, and said Guren was pwned by Shen Hu. Naturally, you would think that Shen Hu is way above both Knight of Rounds Knightmare Frame, but apparently Tristan easily kept Shen Hu in check. Then appeared the Ichibi Shukaku Shinkirou and it’s zettai ryouki absolute protection territory that pretty much took out the entire Chinese force.

Zero finally won, a brand spanking new Knightmare Frame made its appearance, Xingke allying with the Black Knights, the girls going against the guys about Tianzi’s marriage idea and Kallen being tied up were great and all, but the best part of this awesome ep has got to be CC-gasm!

Delicious C.C.

No words can describe how absolutely awesome this is…


Except maybe CC-gasm~

Lelouch need his head checked. If C.C. was lying in front of my like that, I would have long lost my sanity, but Lelouch didn’t even flinch. I wonder if we could get a reaction out of him if that was either Suzaku or Nunnally there.

Kallen captive yummy

A new form of torture. Put food in front of a starving POW, then tie her up and gag her.

Suzaku, Suzaku. Next you’re gonna make Kallen wear leather and start whipping her, eh?

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