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May 27, 2008

A Googolplex of Zeroes?

Posted in: Code Geass,Random Fun

Maybe, I don’t know. You figure it out and tell me whether a million zeroes equals a googolplex. But I do know that there are more Zero’s than you can possibly count accurately in Code Geass R2 episode 8.

Code Geass R2 Zero

We have Zero

He looks kinda flat. Again with the same backdrop as when C.C. posed as Zero in the broadcast back in the Chinese Federation Embassy in ep2.

Code Geass R2 Zero

A whole lot of Zero’s

Even the dog(?) has one. Can I have one, too?

Code Geass R2 Zero

Very colourful Zero’s

Posing comes very naturally to any Zero’s.

Code Geass R2 Zero

Even more Zero’s

Someone’s been having fun with hue’s, eh? I’m pretty sure the long haired Zero on the far right will look exactly like C.C. in a Zero outfit if her hair colour changed to green and the cloak is black.

Code Geass R2 Zero

Shit lots of Zero’s…

Kaguya grew taller, didn’t she? Wait, why is she even there in the open just like that? o.O

Code Geass R2 Zero

Pipe smoking mad scientist Zero’s…

Okay, I’ll stop now.


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