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April 01, 2008

ABC’s Gotcha! Anime Blog Awards

Posted in: Random Fun

GOTCHA! Happy April Fool's Day!

Before anything else, if you haven’t heard about it, there is an Anime Blog Awards going on now with Impz leading the way. Make sure to nominate and vote for your favourite anime blogs!

Check out everyone’s “gotcha” here:

CJ & Crisu (Borderline Hikikomori) – the so-called victims…

DS (Daijoubu) – wtfroflmao!

Mike (Anime Diet) – damn, nicely done!

Owen S (Cruel Angel Theses) – yep, he’s still at large with loads of S’s…

Shirukii (Anime Blog ga Arimasu) – great work at twisting that announcement!

usagijen (Scrumptious Anime Blog) – tsuntsun desu~

Not to mention my own gotcha post featuring lolcatz here.

And as far as I know, Josh and IcyStorm fell for it and made also posted about it here:

Josh (Josh’s Anime Blog) – great positive thinking!

IcyStorm (Minimum Tempo) – don’t be mad, you’re part of us now, right? 😀

It was really fun, maybe we can come up with something even more grand next year, eh?

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