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March 17, 2008

Clannad Episode 21

Posted in: Clannad

In Preparation for the School Festival

Clannad Episode 21

Rating: 7/10

It’s rather disappointing but looks like there’s only one more episode to go before Clannad comes to an end. I was really looking forward to a 24 episode series, and with so little time left, I wonder just how much more story will KyoAni cover. Fuko still hasn’t woke up, after all. Although, that probably won’t take more than a couple of minutes to just tie up the loose ends.

Clannad Episode 21

So my bad omen from the previous episode wasn’t entirely accurate. Nothing physical happened, but she did receive mental shock when she found her parents old picture album and diary. We already knew Sanae was a school teacher, but Akio was an actor? That’s totally new and unexpected. Maybe that’s why Akio was confident that the play Nagisa wanted to do wasn’t a theater piece.

Out of all the girls, seems that Tomoyo is the most honest one, going as far as to say out loud what the others wouldn’t, even if they did thought of the same thing. And her words probably gave some kind of closure for the other girls feelings towards Tomoya. The very fact that they are still happily helping out Nagisa for the theater club proves it.

Nagisa almost hits a pole

Tomoya reaches a whole new level by steering Nagisa…

Damnit, just one more episode left.

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