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March 13, 2008

Clannad Episode 20

Posted in: Clannad

Secret Past

Clannad Episode 20

Rating: 8/10

The person who’s gonna finally bring Tomoya and Nagisa together would probably be the one who doesn’t want that to happen the most. And he’s none other than Furukawa Akio, who’s not only encouraged them to flirt (before he realized what the heck he was saying) but also accidentally made Nagisa blurb out that she has fallen in love with Tomoya. Aww…

Clannad Episode 20

Nagisa’s past is finally revealed and the story of the little girl and her small robot-thingy is finally revealed to be the story which Nagisa has always wanted to play out. And there I was halfway convinced that she wanted to do Romeo & Juliet. But since Tomoya seems to know the story as well while others did not, I suddenly have this crazy idea that that is perhaps something they both saw during a near-death situation. Because honestly, it would really be dumb if Nagisa turned out to be yet another forgotten childhood friend who shared the story with him before. It could happen, but I’m leaning more towards my crazy idea.

Fuko’s appearance was kinda unexpected this time around. I had really expected Nagisa to show up right when Fuko did, although her “zombie” march reminded me of Michael Jackson’s Thriller more than anything else. Hmm… Now that’s an idea Nagisa should consider for their next performance, perhaps when (and if) Fuko ever makes a true reappearance.

Tomoya blushing

We’ve seen him cry, seen him angry and seen him surprised. Now that we’ve seen him blush, is there any other expressions we haven’t seen from him?

Have I mentioned how badly I want to collect the widescreen version of Clannad on DVDs? And Tomoya is getting prodded by Sunohara about Nagisa again. Just go ahead and confess to her already, damnit! You know you want to!
Nagisa running

The buildup to this scene just feels… ominous…

Somehow, it just feels that something bad is going to happen to Nagisa, and I was almost convinced that she would just collapse that very instant.

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