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December 18, 2007

5th Day of an Anime Christmas

Posted in: Random Fun

The 12 Days of Christmas anime style is a joint effort from members of the A.B.C., suggested by CCYoshi and joined by the following members of the group: Owen, Usagijean, 0rion, Roxas, Quinn, Martin, Michael, DS, CalAggie, Moogy, animanachronism (who went with the Gundam Meister’s on the 4th day while I went with the MS) and DeathToZippermouth, Kabitzin (who went with 12 very useful WP plugins for your WordPress blog instead of anime moments) and Reverse Vampire @ THAT  

On the 5th day of Christmas, my anime gave to me…

Black Cat

5 Bullets Deflected by Black Cat.

This is one of my favourite and most memorable scene in Black Cat’s anime. Train easily deflected all 5 shots from Durham, the Apostle’s resident gunslinger. There wasn’t a single wasted move. Each bullet took one step and one swing of Hades to completely deflect the chi bullets before Train pointed the gun up under Durham’s chin.

Not only did it really show the differences between Train and Durham, you can really get the vibe of a true legendary eraser (or an ex-eraser in this case) from Train. In order to pull off what he did, you would need to know where the bullets are coming from, when they will hit, and the range. Not to mention uber fast reflex that is humanly impossible. They’re bullets for goodness sakes, even if they are made from chi, it still takes a split second for them to travel within that 5 steps distance.

I didn’t really know anything about the anime when I first watched it and only read the manga after I found the ending of the anime to be rather poor. Maybe that’s why I prefer the anime version of Train over the manga version. He’s much more cooler in the anime and the timeline and how he met Saya was easier to follow.

It wasn’t until when Black Cat was aired over Animax that I finally caught the true episode 15 (A Runaway Cat), which was not shown anywhere else as far as I know. But it finally explained the conversation and flashback between Charden and Sephiria when they were in the helicopter heading towards Eve. Probably a marketing gimmick or something. Either that or they accidentally missed airing an episode on TBS *rofl*

Train Heartnet - Black Cat

“I’ve come to deliver the ominous…”

12 Days of an Anime Christmas thus far…

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